Fintech, IP & Legal Support

Legal solutions in the Digital Transformation

In Lombardero, Miller & Ayala we empower for economic, social and creative development.

We believe that innovation and creativity are the engine of growth. We help creators, artists, entrepreneurs, companies and governments to materialize day by day the will to be different, to go beyond.


We empower economic, social and creative development through innovations in the financial sector.

Intellectual Property

Innovation and creativity are the engine of development. We empower creators, scientists and artists by protecting their work and helping them to market it.

We work not for you, but with you

We believe in a bigger mission

Legal Corporate Support

Never do business without the proper legal support! In LMA we anticipate every detail so that you take care of your business, we take care of the legal.

Political Consulting in International Cooperation for Development

From the perspective of Development and International Cooperation, in LMA we work with governments, civil society organizations and international entities to research, design, finance and coordinate solutions for development.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

We believe in the prevention of conflicts and in the effective solution of problems, taking into account the causes and not the consequences. We believe that, in general, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (MASC) should be the main solution, above the conflict.

Immigration law

In LMA we work to allow you to have the necessary talent in your company, regardless of its origin.

Legal Compliance

Various regulations affect companies depending on their turn. The need to present certain statements before authorities, such as those aimed at the prevention of money laundering.

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